Kingdom Defense: Heros War

Kingdom Defense: Heroes War not only owns the fierce tower battle – Epic Tower Wars, with a variety of tactical defense artillery and armor you will be able to summon the heroes of Earth and space to fight with you. So it’s not just the plot of the tower, the tower of the tower that you have to calculate to summon the superheroes in accordance with the battle, and arrange the battle position for your heroic coalition. A skillful way to win the epic summoners war.


  • Kingdom Defense – Tower Wars TD – The best strategy and defense game of 2017
  • Kingdom Defense is a completely outstanding game in tower defense genre, bringing your gaming adventures to the next level.
  • With breathtaking graphics and exciting castle defense gameplay, Kindom Defense is one of the year’s must-have games.
  • If you’ve dreamed of joining in the epic tower wars, fantasized about ruling a Kingdom, this highly recommended game is a must have for you. Gameplay allows you to control the towers and heroes by your own strategy to protect the Kingdom against the evil forces.


  • Kingdom Defense: Tactics rich, attractive, free.
  • Multiplayer game with many different tables, many types of beasts and many special features.
  • Mission system, special awards for the Defender.
  • Powerful magic