“The ship is very safe when it was anchored in the harbor but it is not built for that purpose”.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dare to face challenges is one of the qualities that are always encouraged for each employee in ThuDo Multimedia. We believe that a safe life is a blessing, but if our life is too safe, it will become tedious and tasteless. Must overcome the wind, you know you are strong; Have failed yesterday, you know how much success today to cherish.

“If we can not change the life, we should change ourselves. When large torches can not burn, small, patient and diligent flames of fire is the only hope. Many small things will be great”.


Deputy General Director of Technical

I understand that innovation in both thinking and management will improve the effectiveness of our employees' work. Beside, the motivation transmission for employees is extremely important to help the company stabilize and develop in the next steps of ThuDo Multimedia.

“Do ordinary things with your extraordinary charm, success will come to you”.


Deputy General Director of Business and Foreign Affairs

Previously, I never have thought that there would be some time in the future when I could do something like this. But ThuDo Multimedia has given me the opportunity to do that. I want to share with young people not only in the Company that you should effort unceasingly to exploit all your potential. Your starting point is not high, do not worry, focus on your work, your customer and your goal, you will surely succeed.

“If you do not give up, you will always have the opportunity”.


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

The working environment in ThuDo Multimedia gives equally opportunities to all employees and encourages them to grow themselves. If you do not work well today, do not give up, but try double; If double is not enough, try 3 times, 5 times until you can achieve it.

“Discover yourself and Create Different Values”.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We believe that cherishing passion of each member must be top priority when establishing a company. In the ThuDo Multimedia, we are encouraged every day to explore our abilities to create and make original values for the community.