Billiards pro


  • Launched in June 2014.
  • Is the first mobile billiards game in Vietnam.
  • The success of the game thanks to the subtle graphics, the attractive experience, the opportunity to compete with the players and exchanges friends with the players around the world.
  • Content 8 ball, 7 card leaves, attractive field.


  • You can play on Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
  • With its sharp, smooth graphics, the billiards experience has never been more authentic, lively, more engaging than on mobile.
  • Diverse rules and modes of play from stellar daily tournaments, exciting solos to offline modes for advanced players.
  • The attractive, professional field system allows you to control the muscles in the desired angle.
  • More fun when challenging friends on Facebook, Twitter, watch online matches of the comrades.
  • Diverse tasks bring challenges to you, surprise gifts everyday.
  • Pocket Billiards Online – The 2017 edition with more exciting tournaments than ever.

Released June, 2014.