Voice to Text


Voice to Text is a collaboration between Thudo Multimedia, Viettel Telecom and Nuance. In which Thudo Multimedia is the unit directly working with Nuance Group. Inc (USA) – one of the famous computer software companies in the US – to apply technology to practical services.
Voice to Text officially launched in November 2017 and deployed on the basis of Viettel mobile telecommunication network.

Voice to Text helps Viettel users enhance the experience of missed calls by adding high quality widgets. It is to save the voice message as SMS when other subscribers do not receive your call.
Specifically: When subscriber A calls subscriber B (Viettel network) that subscriber B off / outside the coverage area, the system will send the invitation for subscriber A to leave a voice message (voice messange) in the language. Vietnam. The Voice to Text system will be converted to SMS (Text messenger) to send to subscriber B. With Voice to Text service will help users have many interesting experiences and will not miss missed calls.

Outstanding benefits of the service:

  • Increase call completion: Callers can use the service to leave a message to help you complete your call with a message that can not be answered by the caller.
  • The information provided is clear: The called person has information and knows who has called himself, the call time and the message was left simultaneously can hear free message.

User benefits::

  • Activate, sign up for free service.
  • Charges for the person leaving the message, the person receiving the message completely free of charge.
  • The cost of leaving a message is the same as the normal charge.
  • Applies to every phone line, without internet access.
  • The message is saved to the system repeatedly and completely free of charge.

How to register for Voice to Text:

Send DK to 162 to subscribe to the service and enjoy the voice message notification utility when your phone runs out of battery, shutdown or out of range.

Released Nov, 2017.