Our Values


Thu Do Multimedia knows more than anyone that technology application and software programming is the greatest strength of our country. We aspire to become a company that provides a mobile entertainment services, specialized VAS services, with fast and strong development and we commit to bring customers products with superior quality.


We always aim for social values with the highest responsibility

Research and develop the latest technology application for Game and App products on Mobile.
Develop basic and specialized Value Added Services (VAS) services.
Building a mobile entertainment community in Vietnam.
Expanding our reach to global markets
  • In the Company, enthusiasm is not enough. Responsibility is also a virtue placed on the top. Passion and responsibility have helped the Company to overcome many difficulties and obstacles during it’s development. For every commitment, the Company will perform it with all the passion and the highest sense of responsibility.

  • The difference between an growing organization and with an organization that exists merely from day to day is the difference of collective spirit. Team spirit here means working together to achieve important goals for the Company and each individual.
    Team spirit is often expressed in every small action of cooperation, between individuals and groups; the dependence on one another, working in the same group to bring good business to the Company and job satisfaction for each of us. That is the concept of “We” rather than “I” when approaching work.

  • Nowadays, when working in a dynamic environment, in order to not become obsolete, hard working is not enough. Employees have to know how to work smartly. It’s to focus on work, create, and open their mind. Those will help employees to save a lot of their time and effort as well as financial resources of the Company.

  • The Information Technology Industry, game and mobile applications in particular, is considered one of the most exciting areas in Vietnam due to the rapid development of technology in recent years.
    In the Thu Do Multimedia, adaptability is reflected in the innovation of thinking; the continuous improvement in work process, approach method, problem solving and encouragement to employees to learn unceasingly.