Thudo Multimedia Culture

In Thudo Multimedia, we commit to create a diverse and vibrant leadership culture that help young people to promote all their skills and capacity. Here, you can break out and create many things or young people to develop their skills and abilities; you can also break out and create many things that before you believe that it’s impossible.

Standing on the great challenges

Through our development history, we have made great challenges and we try our best to do what we do. This spirit motivates us to move forward and maintain our ambitions: develop advanced technology, promote to make everything possible. Join us for great challenges of the future.

Shaping the future

It is the creativity and diversity of people working at Thudo Multimedia that has made us one of the most innovative companies in Vietnam. And our staff continues to motivate the innovation. We have a passion for what we are doing and an open, collaborative, environment and occasion of sharing the original knowledge of each individual. This is essential to maintaining the stable human resources in the Thudo Multimedia. You have a chance of working with wonderful persons. Your new ideas can bring new products and solutions for our future life.

Have influence

Working in Thudo Multimedia means that you are playing an important role in bringing new technology to the world to improve the people lives. Our innovation improves and empowers people in new ways, and we use our technology to contribute to growth and development in the community. At Thudo Multimedia, you have the opportunity to do a significant job that can affect positively through the world.