With this, Thu Do Multimedia JSC is the first technology company in Southeast Asia to have a solution to protect digital content copyright certified by international standards.

In 2019, Thu Do Multimedia announced the successful research and development of digital content copyright protection solutions by combining DRM (Digital Right Management) and Finger Print Online (solution for detecting re-streaming video sources). This is a solution to protect digital content copyright on the internet environment developed by Vietnamese engineers.

Thu Do Multimedia is a Vietnamese company that has successfully developed DRM solutions and solutions to detect infringements of re-streaming video content on the internet environment.

Talking about the reason why Thu Do Multimedia decided to invest in the research and development of this DRM + Finger Print Online project, CEO Nguyen Ngoc Han said, “In the past two years, Thu Do Multimedia has been the only company that has fully developed OTT television solutions in Vietnam. We realise that copyright protection for digital content (including protection of television content, videos, music, and e-books among others) is of paramount importance.
The successful development and owning of DRM technology by a Vietnamese company is an important achievement with the rampant copyright infringements in Vietnam. To combat this, besides integrating content protection solutions (DRM), the applying of Finger Print Online solution to detect pirated video sources and prevent content from being recorded with screen recording devices are shaping up as essential tools.

Mr. Nguuyen Ngoc Han – CEO’s Thudo Multimedia spoke about the future of DRM and Finger Solution

“In terms of security capabilities, Sigma DRM solution is equivalent to solutions being offered globally,” Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han said.

The successful development of a DRM solution by a local company will benefit digital content owners and providers in Vietnam. To protect copyright, most Vietnamese content providers are now applying foreign DRM security solutions that come at a high cost.

With the success of Sigma DRM solution, Thu Do Multimedia is confident in bringing international-standard solutions to Vietnam. In addition, having a local server dispels the connectivity issues in getting a security key from overseas servers. Additionally, co-ordinating with a local company would offer advantages in negotiations, support, and upgrades.

From July 2019, the combination of Sigma DRM and Finger Print Online has been applied for VTVcab ON – the OTT TV service of Vietnam cable television corporation (VTVcab).

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