After breakfast, Thu Do Multimedia’s members went to Nami Island – 63km from Seoul, that is famous for its beautiful and peaceful with gingko lines. In the autumn, their leaves change into yellow. This makes the scenery so romantic. This is also film studio for the popular drama “Winter Sonata”. The ban on cars also brings tourists a absolutely quiet and peaceful space without engine noise, dust. Then, Thu Do Multimedia visited the Namsan Tower, the Joseon Gyeongbok Palace, took photos at Phuong Hoang Mountain, Cheonggyecheon Stream, the ancient village of Bokchon …


The highlight of the trip was Laver Seaweed Museum. The museum is a place to preserve and promote the traditional food culture of South Korea, to introduce domestic and foreign tourists to food from the kinds of needles – an indispensable food of the Koreans. You can participate in the Hanbok experience and make your own kimchi – favorite food in South Korea and in Vietnam.


South Korea left Thu Do Multimedia’s employees and their relatives with the impression of it’s miraculous development thanks to the sense of discipline and determination. They rose up from the ruins after the civil war without any resources and aid but they stand up by using their own strength.
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong (Business Center) shared: “The trip to South Korea really impressed me. Koreans were very hospitable and disciplined. I can feel good value inside every person there. It’s really meaningful and worth learning”.


Board of management of the Company always keep in mind three biggest happiness in human life: “Supporting our parents – educating our children – satisfying our passion”, Thu Do Multimedia’s employees are trying every day, with their own strength, to make their life happier, more meaningful for each individual, family and country. We hope that after this trip, each employee will learn many meaningful things in the country. With determination to overcome hardships and the leadership of the Board of Directors, Thu Do Multimadia will increasingly assert its position as one of the most powerful technology development companies.