With the viewpoint “Human is the core value that makes the success of the company”, Thu Do Multimedia commit to bring you a young, vibrant, engaging and friendly working environment. Besides salaries, attractive bonus, the company also has interesting and significant extracurricular activities.

Thudo Multimedia’s Teambuilding trip in Moc Chau, Son La – Nov, 2012.

Every month, employees of the Company is no stranger to the small party for the anniversary of members’ birthday in the month. This is also a chance for all the members to gather with endless stories after a stressful working day. Each member of the company become protagonist at least once, stand up to receive the most meaningful greetings, the most interesting and unforeseen gifts from the company and colleagues.

As a cultural beauty, every holiday October 20th, March 8th, … all the members feel it as their own happy day. The small party with flowers, gifts and dramatic game bearing company culture, all of them are the best wishes to all the women of the Company. Thus, even as a technology company with the majority of male employees, the celebrations for women are still very lively and meaningful. The men also establish a football team and steadily play football at night twice a week at the Polytechnic Stadium, all funding is paid by the Company.

In addition, every year, the company has many annual activities such as the company anniversary, year-end Gala Dinner. This is a pause for each member to look at their own achievements and the success of Solidarity bloc of the Company, to strive for higher strides.

Gala Dinner on January 14th, 2012 entitled “Thu Do’got talent” really left a profound impression in each employee and more than 100 guests.

Gala Y.E.P Overview

The warm, lively Gala Dinner is an occasion of gathering and demonstration of the talents of all the members. From the sweet duos, the exciting dances to the performance that brings the Tet atmosphere. The jury decided to award the first prize for “Tell fortune in the spring” that was traditional, full of spring colors and especially included the image of the members of the Company. Fashion show of 10 boys named “36-street fashion” got the audiences sympathy and won the first prize voted by the audience.

Gala night included not only the performances of employees of the Company but also the participation of New Wave dance group, singers Huy Hoang, Anh Tuyet, …

Thudo Multimedia’s got talent 2012 is a clear evidence: Technologists in general and employees of Thudo Multimedia in particular have not only passion for technology but also a very various and romantic spirit of life.

Besides above regular activities every week, month and year in each department, the company also organizes every year a long trip for all the staffs and organizes team building, picnic after 1 to 2 quarters to build the collective spirit that associate individuals in the Company into a strong block of solidarity.

People is the key to success. So Thudo Multimedia always emphasizes holistic individual care. In the Company, you will feel a friendly, dynamic working environment. you will have the best conditions to develop your talents. We are proud to be a strong team with the power of youth, enthusiasm, determination and solidarity.