With the aim of bringing the traditional Tet atmosphere to everyone, the theme of this Gala is the traditional Tet, from the name “Spring in the homeland to the content of the items are directed to the topic. The party was held at the West Lake Lotus restaurant with quiet space of a peaceful village, banyan, water well, buffalo lying leisurely next to straw and chewing grass that is reminiscent of the familiar image of countryside, attached to the childhood of each person.

( Sen Ho Tay Restaurant)

The party began with the ask for the calligraphy letters – a custom associated with the traditional New Year. Members of the Thu Do Multimedia ask for the calligraphy letters with the desire to have a new year with more fun and good luck.

18h30, the party officially begins with the explosion of champagne as signal the beginning of a new year. All the members of the company celebrate together the new year with a lot of joy and excitement.

Opening for Gala night was the impressive “Roly Poly” dance of five beautiful girls of the Customer Service Department. The vibrant item made the party atmosphere more lively and interesting.

(The girls of Customer Service Department dance impressive Roly Poly.)

The image of the country girls in the “Banian tree and tent in market” brought a different atmosphere to the party. The joyful rhythm of the song and the rhythm of the dance brings a joyful and fresh spring:

The most awaited item in the Gala was the drama “Kitchen God of Thu Do”. Members of the Technical Team gave people the atmosphere of a year-end audience in Heaven with very humorous reports of I Bet Kitchen God, I Online Kitchen God and Fleet Kitchen God.

Besides, there are laughter and joy when watching the reply between Professor Xoay and Doctor Xoay in the comedy “Spring in homeland – love Company”.
Although all of the items in the Gala were “Homemade” product, it brought a warm, friendly and joyful Gala to all the members of the big family.

After a year of hard work with enthusiasm, the members of Thu Do Multimedia gathered together around the table, chatted, exchanged together. All members have the opportunity to be close together and have more warm, funny moments together. The smiles will remain in the hearts of the members of the Company.