Thu Do Multimedia is the Vietnamese company that has successfully developed DRM solutions and solution on detected the infringing re-streaming video content on the internet environment. Catersian has now certified DRM solutions for all 20 DRM Companies worldwide.

In 2019, Thu Do Multimedia JSC., (Thu Do Multimedia) announced the successful research and development of digital content copyright protection solutions, by combining DRM (Digital Right Management) and Finger Print Online (solution for detecting re-streaming video sources). This is a solution to protect digital content copyright on internet environment developed by Vietnamese engineers.

In December 2019, the digital copyright protection solution (commercially known as Sigma DRM) was also tested and audited by Cartesian to meet international security standards. With Cartesian certification, Thu Do Multimedia is the first company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, one of six Asian companies to achieve this certification. Catersian has now certified DRM solutions for all 20 DRM Companies worldwide.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han – CEO’s Thudo Multimedia spoke about the future of DRM and Finger Solution

In order to develop an encryption solution, in addition to requiring software security experience, a deep understanding of the terminals is also a mandatory condition because the entire decrypting process takes place at hardware side, moreover, the number of devices in this field ranges from mobile devices to large screens in homes or in cinemas. For that reason, only large companies in the world, such as Apple, Microsoft, and IBM participated in DRM solution development; in the television DRM segment, there are only more than 10 global companies currently developing and providing this solution such as Nagravision, Conax, Viacess …

Sigma DRM solution is deployed for OTT TV named VTVcab On

Thudo Multimedia’s completing the accreditation of Cartesian – The Audit company for all DRM solutions worldwide, bringing the Sigma DRM into the list of 20 DRM solutions meeting global security standards. This is an important achievement for Thu Do Multimedia, as it’s certifying the capable in the field of security development in Vietnam, as well as opening up opportunities for Sigma DRM solutions to reach and providing for television companies and digital content providers in Vietnam and overseas market.

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