Founded on March 29, 2010, by a group of 5 Vietnamese IT engineers. Initially, Thu Do developed and released hot Online games such as Galaxy Wars, Xiang-qi Online, Billiard Pro Online, then developed value-added services on mobile. By 2015, Thu Do Multimedia started to research and provide TV service solutions on the Internet. In 2016, in co-oporating with SCTV Digital, successfully developed OTT television solutions and launched products: STVPlay, SCTV Film, SCTV Sports.

In 2018, Thu Do Multimedia reached out to the international market, cooperated with Nuance to develop Voice To Text (V2T) service and developing the first Vietnamese DRM solution. In 2019, the Thu Do Multimedia successfully developed a full solution for OTT television including very important modules such as: Transcode, P2P CDN, Multi-CDN, DRM. The OTT TV named VTVcab On of the Vietnam Cable Corporation (VTVcab) is currently integrated a Sigma DRM solution developed by the Thu Do Multimedia.

Information Technology Engineer of DRM Solution team

In 2019, Thu Do Multimedia JSC., (Thu Do Multimedia) announced the successful research and development of digital content copyright protection solutions, by combining DRM (Digital Right Management) and Finger Print Online (solution for detecting re-streaming video sources). This is a solution to protect digital content copyright on internet environment developed by Vietnamese engineers.

In December 2019, the digital copyright protection solution (commercially known as Sigma DRM) was also tested and audited by Cartesian to meet international security standards. With Cartesian certification, Thu Do Multimedia is the first company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, one of six Asian companies to achieve this certification. Catersian has now certified DRM solutions for all 20 DRM companies worldwide.

Thu Do Multimedia not only names Vietnam as one of the Top 20 global businesses in developing DRM solutions, but also creates opportunities for Vietnamese content owners to apply this domestic solutions to prevent the ongoing trend of digital content piracy.

Share the reason why Thu Do Multimedia decided to invest in research and development of this DRM + Finger Print Online project, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han, CEO of Thu Do Multimedia said: “In the past two years, Thu Do Multimedia is the only company that has fully developed OTT television solutions in Vietnam. We realize that copyright protection for digital content (including protection of television content, videos, music, e-books …) is the most important. If copyright protection is impossible, the economic lossed when Content provider providing the content to users. Moreover, the almost content Owner in the world also refuse to cooperate with Vietnamese content providers as their partners can not protect their contents. The most recent case is that the European Cup was not allowed to be distributed in Vietnam in 2017 due to the lack of copyright security. ”

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