To reschedule, every last month is the Talkshow program of the great Thudo Multimedia family.
And only 1 day left, only 1 more day left, May number will be released at Thudo headquarters.

Following the April issue of how to create an idea, in May, the Thudo Multimedia family welcomed two extremely beautiful speakers to share the topic “Applying creativity to work”.
Both Thudo family are looking forward to meeting two beautiful speakers, Ms. Nga Nguyen from Misa.,. JSC and Ms. Giang Trau from Tecomen Group.
What’s interesting is waiting, the whole family follows the Thudo Multimedia Culture Department.

With the theme of “CREATING CREATION TO WORK”, speaker Ms. Giang Trau has provided ways to encourage bringing ideas into work. With the sharing of the practical way at Tecomen Group, Thudo Multimedia brother and sister have a better understanding of how to apply creativity to better accomplish tasks and assigned tasks. After the sharing session, 500 brothers and sisters all thanked thanks to speaker Giang Trau who participated in the Taklshow program of the great Thudo family.
At the end of the program, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han – Chief Executive Officer sent to the speaker of the great Thudo Multimedia family with flowers and a thank gift.
The whole family supported the monthly Thudo Talk program to spread the culture of Thudo Multimedia.